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  • How do you terminate a membership?

    • Per signed contract, all memberships are to be terminated in person and in writing.  A 30-day written notice is to be completed at the front desk. All memberships must be up to date on all financial obligations before memberships can be fully processed.

  • What if the member has moved out of the area and needs to terminate a membership?​

  • How can billing be updated?

    • Anyone at the front desk can take your new information over the phone.  You are also able to access and update your billing information using the member login.​

  • Is there a military discount?​

    • Yes!  We love our service members.  A 12 month membership will have the $35 administration fee waived. ​

  • Can an account be put on a FREEZE?

    • Memberships can be put on a freeze for up to 3 months if the member is in the military or there is a medical reason the member cannot use the facilities.   The member will need to provide written documentation showing military orders or the medical reason.​

  • What is the price of childcare?​

    • Childcare is $5 per kid per month.  This additional service can be added or removed at any time.​

  • What are the childcare requirements?

    • Children must be at least 18 months to be left in childcare for up to 90 minutes.​

    • Staff cannot change diapers or take children to the restroom ​

  • What is the minimum age to join the gym?

    • Ages 11-13 must be accompanied by an adult​

    • Ages 13 and up can use the facilities independently but with respect to other members and gym etiquette.

  • Can a new member be added to an existing members account?

    • Yes!  We welcome all members; however, the new member can only be added by the existing billed member.  Please visit the front desk to complete the appropriate paperwork.  ​

      • adding a new member to the exisiting membership obligates both the new member and the existing member to maintain the membership for 4 months.  Termination cannot be filed or processed until after the initial 4 month member add-on.  ​

      • Billed member is responsible for the new members monthly billing.

  • Can a member add or remove a service to their membership via phone or email?  (ie: tanning or childcare)​

    • The billed member needs to complete the appropriate paperwork at ​the front desk for addition or removal of any services.

  • Do you offer Free Trial Memberships?

    • We do not offer free trial memberships; however, a day or week pass can be purchased at the front desk.  A day/week pass allows the guest to use the facilities just as any other member.​

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