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Euro Truck Simulator 1 Pc Crack werowee




1. Truck Mate EUROPE is a truck simulation game. The action takes place on the European market. 2. Main features of the game: - Multiple trucks, both European and American. - Different truck models, both European and American. - Various routes with different conditions. - Nice visual effects. - High-quality images and video sequences, showing every action of the game. - Many choices to take control of the game. 3. This is not only a racing game, but the trucks are also used for working at a transport company and need to be loaded with various goods. You can see [videos]( of the trucks being used for working in real life. - Drive slowly and it is best to reduce the wind effect. - Drive carefully: hitting a wall or obstacle can cause damage to the truck. - There are trucks with low and high top speed, or trucks with high and low top speed: the lowest top speed can be found in the smaller trucks. - Icons on the map show the traffic rules for the country: red arrow - crossroad on the map, red cross - road blocked by a traffic sign, blue arrow - recommended route, blue square - more traffic and more expensive. 4. When the game begins, you select the truck model and the truck colour. When you choose the country, the routes of the trucks are shown. The top route is marked in red, the middle route in blue and the bottom route in yellow. 5. You can choose a passenger in your truck.  6. You will control the truck with the left mouse button, while the passenger can use the right mouse button. When the truck is stopped, the game is paused and you can press the spacebar to skip all the actions until the truck starts moving. - You can switch passengers as long as you have a passenger seat.



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Euro Truck Simulator 1 Pc Crack werowee

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